Travel Information

Morocco is a tourist country. Accordingly there are a lot of competing economic companies that serve the main International airports of the country:  Marrakech and Casablanca. Although the conference will not take place in the hot tourist season, we strongly advise you to reserve your tickets as soon as possible to achieve the best result. The arrive / departure data for ARW SMECS are Wednesday, 12 and Sunday 16.  If you decide to participate in the Excursion, Sunday 16, the better to reserve your back flight for Monday 17. It can appear also that departure on Monday 17 will be economically more advantageous. Please ask also your travel agency about the low-cost charter flights (that sometimes don’t appear in Internet).

Traditional Air Companies that have the most frequent flights to Morocco are
Air France  and Royal Air Maroc . Depending on the day of flight, they can propose the very attractive tariffs,  if book  in advance.
French participants  can find the low-cost flights on the web-sites:  and

If you arrive to the International Marrakech Airport - Menara, please change the money and take a small taxi (“petit taxi”) to get your accommodation site or the conference place.
The price, which is better to ask in advance, should  not
be more then 12-15 Euro (150DH). The Taxi Station is at the parking(s), behind of the construction of new terminal.

Important: we shall meet the compact groups of participants, in particular those, arriving  12 Dec.

Please look around before take a taxi!

Air companies that serve international airport Menara-Marrakech: 
Aigle Azur (mostly France)
Air FranceAir HorizonsAtlas Blue (France, Germany), Easyjet ( Basel, Geneva, London, Madrid, Milan)
Europe Airpost
GB Airways (London)IberiaJet4you (Paris), Regional Air Lines (Maroc, Spain, Portugal)Royal Air Maroc ,
Ryanair (from Dusseldorf, Franfurkt, London, Marseille)
, TUIfly (Germany)

b) If you arrive to the International  Casablanca Airport, after the money change, you should take first the local train (~20min) to arrive to the station “Casa Voyageur” to take the Inter-City train to Marrakech (~3h30min). You can buy the whole-way ticket to Marrakech (~15Euro or 180DH) directly in the Rail-Way Ticket office in Airport where you will get also the information about the train correspondence. Upon arrive to the Marrakech Rail-Way station take a small taxi (“petit taxi”) to get your accommodation site or the conference place (to be precised).

The train time-table Casa-Voyageur - Marrakech : 04:50-08:05 (couchete), 06:50-10:05, 08:50-12:05, 10:50-14:05, 12:50-16:05, 14:50-18:05, 16:50-20:05, 18:50-22:05 ; Please confirm this information at the web-site

c) If you arrive in airport of Agadir, take comfortable ONCF bus (4h) circulating from 5h each 2h or Taxi

d) If you arrive in another way (plain, train, ferry, car …) please contact us about the information.