All the conference Sessions, except Round Table will take place in the Conference Hall of the Medical Faculty of the  Cadi Ayyad University
Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie de Marrakech       
BP 7010 Sidi Abbad Marrakech
Tel : +212 24 33 98 98


The important feature of the Workshop is the multidisciplinarity that will allow sharing the mutual interests and experience of participants, providing the interpenetration of ideas from different material research areas and from the different activity fields.  Therefore the English-language key-lectures (~30-40min) should be understandable for the high-level experts working in other regions of SMECS.  All the key-speakers are recommended to give the short overview of the place of their subject in the general stream of modern research and technology applications, the possibility to integrate their activity in the material research of Mediterranean-Dialogue countries, and the potential application of their materials for the environmental, civil and regional security applications.

All the participants are invited to present poster(s) in a special poster session that will be organized Tuesday evening.

 Round Table
  The central event of the Workshop – the Round Table will be organized Friday afternoon in the Club O.N.E. The objective of this round table is to give a political overview of the current collaboration between NATO and Mediterranean countries, the expectations and understanding of the partners, and of HT transfer to the less developed countries, like Mauritania. To enhance the dialog and contact between participants the discussion of directions for future actions, like NATO and European projects will be organized. Any your proposition and intervention concerning the ideas of future collaboration is highly welcomed!!!