Round Table

Round Table

- Robert FARHI,    (Foreign Minisery, France)   “Towards a scientific Mediterranean Union   

- Giuseppe ERAMO,     (Univ. “Tor Vergata”, Italy) “Mediteranian oriented programs of European Union”

- Igor LUKYANCHUK (Univ. Amiens, France) “NATO science for Pease collaboration programs”   

- Mohammed ES-SOUNI (Univ. Kiel, Germany) “Collaboration programs of Germany

- Jose KOBIELSKI,   (Scientific Attache in Morocco, France) “France-Morocco Collaboration policy”

- Vinod S. AGARWALA  (Office of Naval Research Global, UK-USA) “ONRG Policy and Missions”

ONR Global provides the bridge between global science - technology and the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Its mission is to foster, and encourage scientific research in recognition of its paramount importance as related to maintenance of future naval power, forced entry capability, and the preservation of national security.

- Alexander SIGOV (Rector of Moscow University of Radiotechnics, Russia) “Russian-Maghreb collaboration Initiatives”


Presentation of national collaboration programs of Morocco (El M. ZAYER, M. BENAISSA), Alger (A. KADRI),
Tunis, Egypt (K. B. INAS,   A A. MOSTAFA) and Mauritania (M. OULD  EL BAH)

Working Groups

- North-South collaboration and implication of East-European countries

- Research in Mauritania

Prof. Ould El Bah has informed particularly on the state of the activities and potentialities in the fields of physics, chemistry, and mathematics, sectors in which there are approximately 60 researchers, distributed nearly equally in the different departments. Attention has been attracted on the activities on materials, renewable energies, and teledetection. The priority of government concerns water :research of water, desalination, and treatment for potability. Different european institutions working on water have been mentioned, for being able in future to provide a support to Mauritania : the department of water chemistry in Duisburg (D), the « Maison de l'Eau » in Montpellier (F), the company « Lyonnaise des Eaux ». The question of developping activities on sensors adapted to the local problems has been considered. Concerning renewable energies, it has been stressed that a strong activity can be started by reinforcing the existing group that works on photovoltaic and wind energy.

- Development of the network MEM

- Application for the NATO ARW "Energy Security in the East Europe". 

- Application for  SPS program "Space Monitoring of the Natural Resources in the West Sahara"